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Show Requirements

NECAT is a nonprofit television station that exists to inspire, inform, and educate viewers through positive and uplifting programming. Members of the public age 13 and up are invited to take our classes and create their own television shows here.

The following guidelines apply on our channels:

  1. As Producer, you accept and incur sole and full responsibility and liability for the licensing and content of all programs you submit for NECAT broadcast. Producers sign a Broadcast Agreement for each series prior to broadcast
  2. All episodes for the Access Nashville channel must NOT exceed 30 minutes in length. This rule does not apply to shows under review for the Music City Arts channel and the iQtv Education channel, which are more flexible in length
  3. Include the Producer’s name and contact information at least one time in every episode with at least one form of contact. This can be an email address, phone number, mailing address, or non-commercial website
  4. Any use of the NECAT logo, a NECAT channel logo, or other NECAT information within your episode must be current and accurate.
  5. Endorsements are not allowed. Avoid superlatives (like “best” or “most”) as they are considered endorsements. Examples to avoid include “X is the best book” or “Y’s meatball sub is the most delicious.” Note that simply recommending something is considered an endorsement even if you are not being paid to make the recommendation. Also, avoid similar statements in the negative, such as “Z is the dumbest person in Tennessee.”
  6. Do not make any financial “asks” or calls to action. This includes sales of items, event tickets, or requesting donations. The perfect alternative to use when describing an entity, product, or event where money is involved is a phrase such as “Find out more at”
  7. Do not include any prominent or persistent displays of commercial products, logos, or promotional material without proper licensing from the company.
  8. Do not promote lotteries, games of chance, or raffles for money or prizes.
  9. Do not use unlawful or copyrighted material. Proper licenses and agreements must be provided for music, images, literary works, guests, and locations in your episode.
  10. Do not use material which has a reasonable probability of creating an immediate physical danger or legal injury to persons or property, or which creates a public nuisance, such as interfering with public health/safety or promoting unsafe acts.
  11. Do not use any content obtained through violation of local, state, or federal laws.
  12. NECAT follows FCC rules on obscenity, indecency and profanity. Obscenity is not allowed. Content considered indecent or profane will be given a midnight to 3:00 a.m. time slot with a periodic message, “Viewer Warning Adult Content.”
  13. Waist-to-knee frontal nudity is prohibited.